Some of the Common Plumbing Issues and Resolutions

Every individual among us must have come across plumbing problems in some or the time phase of their life. Some of the minor issues are such that can be sorted by the house owners while some issues require immediate attention of experienced plumbers. Let’s take a look on some of the common plumbing problems as well as their solutions:

Low Water Pressure

low-water-pressureIf you are facing any sort of issue related to low water pressure, then there are high chances that there is some issue with your sink. In such situation, the first and the foremost thing that needs to be done is to check whether the problem is with both hot and cold water or not. If the answer is yes, then it is clear indication that the problem is with the aerator. In due course to time Calcium content in water starts collecting in the faucet of aerator, which ultimately reduces the water pressure. In case the deposit of calcium is high then professional plumbers can resolve the issue in no time. Professionals first remove the faucet from the aerator and clean the build up debris using proper instruments. Once the deposition is cleaned the water pressure becomes normal.

Slow Draining Tub

Another very common problem in the list is the slow draining tub. The tub drain area gets clogged with hair and plastic header1bits, continuous collection of such materials ultimately leads to blockage. Cleaning this blockage using professional equipment helps in cleaning the blockage in no time. After the clogging is cleaned from draining tub, the water pressures some to normal.

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Slow draining sink is a problem which is commonly faced by almost every household. Continues deposition and pop-up of debris in the sink makes the area cogged. In order to keep and maintain the flow of debris it is important that cleaning should be done on regular basis. This cleaning can either be done by the individuals on their or they can take help from the experienced plumbers. Experts always suggest the latter option as it some save, convenient and gives lasting result.

Running Toilet

iStock_000016948689_SmallThis is again a very frequently faced plumbing problem. The issue of running toilet can occur because of various reasons, such as toilet flapper, broken toilet valve or leaky flask valve and so on. The first step is to find the cause of running toilet, once the issue is identified then appropriate solutions like repair or replacement of valve can be done for the same. Here also some people try to fix the issue on their own but this is dangerous and can cause severe damage. Hence, taking help of professionals is a sound decision.

Following all the above mentioned points can actually be of great help in sorted frequently causing plumbing related issues. If the problems are handled professionally then it will have lasting impact. In addition, it is also very important that one should look for a good and reliable plumber for sorting all the plumbing related issues.